Booking License To The World

Opportunities that come with writing stories into books are unbelievable. They include meeting high profile people, touring the world and above all leaving an immortal legacy behind. Niq Mhlongo of Chiawelo is a living testimony. He travels the world and hobnobs with people he could only imagine some years ago.

His first book – Dog Eat Dog – was published in 2004. It took the literature world by storm, thus translated into a numerous foreign languages across the world. Literature students at the universities in Ohio, New York, Nashville and Iowa were prescribed his book. The content was fresh and from a young South African perspective.

“It was post-apartheid and the world wanted to read something different about South Africa. The book is about a township youngsters venturing into a new world, culture shock, financial challenges, being taught by a White person for the first time at university, “ Niq testifies.

He says a problem with young writers is impatience. “We are not all going to be successful at once. Some want immediate positive results. It can take a while.” He is still surprised at how his first book catapulted him to the international arena that quickly. “I don’t know how it happened”, he admits.

But he has personal tricks that he applies: read a lot and keep on writing, write about subjects you understand better (he writes a lot about his township experiences), and avoid telling tired stories.

Other two of Niq Mhlongo’s books are, Way Back Home and After Tears. This is apart from several short stories that he published.

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