Burning Desire To Make Films

Burning Desire To Make Films

Tshepang Mosola: Learning on duty

“I met a certain girl on the street. We had a chat and exchanged numbers. I called the number, but it did not work. Coincidentally, we met after some days. I asked her why she did not pick up my calls and she told me that she was raped.”

As if that was not enough, “… my friend told me that her friend was sleeping with her step-father. He threatened that he would kill her younger brother should she turn down his advances. His queer demands started after his wife died.”

Dreamer: Tshepiso Mosola sharing his ambition with Karabo Kitsise

These stories haunted Tshepiso Mosola (24) of Lufhereng and wanted highlight these social ills through films. “I was a promising musician. I recorded a hip-hop album and it attracted media attention.”

It was an invitation to be an extra on local television soapies that changed his thoughts. “The music was going to expose me to obscenity. I am a born-again Christian, a husband and a father,” he says.

But Tshepang is still rough along the edges. He has the urge and would do anything to take his   passion off the ground. He scripted and produced a film, Generational Curse. It is about series of rapes happening in one family – from generation to generation. As a devout Christian, he believes that certain problems don’t need money to be solved; they need God’s wisdom, and he is here to fulfil that.

He is learning the craft of telling stories through films. He and a friend are producing comic clips. “I am learning how it is done,” he confesses. Do we have watch the space? That’s up to his determination.

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