Linking Up At e’Socialink

If indeed numbers don’t lie, then e’Socialink is one of favourite joints around. Many a times this pub, car-wash and shisa-nyama hangout is filled beyond the capacity. The patrons include bourgeoisies, aspiring bourgeoisies and of course our ordinary Sowetans.

e’Socialink is a double-storey building with the façade of a glass wall. The upper storey hosts special events. This place is decent and well furnished with red and white ottomans and the nearly comfortable sofas of different shapes and sizes. Outside the glass-wall spaces, stools and high round tables are planted on a wide patch of an artificial grass under a marquee or garden umbrellas, enhancing that simple and grand look.

Djs have a mammoth task of satisfying the clientele which obviously has different tastes of music. It is mainly sounds of deep house music that blurt out from bins of acoustic speakers. Some revellers blaze up the dance floor with the latest dance moves. It is all happening under the flick of colourful and dizzying swivel lights. Sundays are more relaxed with slow jams and R&B tunes.

e’Socialink is open on Fridays, Saturday and Sundays. It closes at 2am. It is located at the T-junction of eMndeni Link and R558 roads in Doornkop.

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