Love Triumphs Over Race

Love Triumphs Over Race

Liezl and Clod: Feel at home in Naledi

The first time Liezl Bezuidenhout (34) saw Thulani Mazibuko (37) was blown away. He was delivering medicines at a pharmacy she was working at. Her colleague gave her Thulani’s contact number. She sent the message that read, I don’t know what to say. He responded, I don’t know what to say either. A series of text messages after that is still tying them together. That was 10 years ago.

They are from two different worlds. She is a boeremeisie – as she calls herself – from Vanderbijlpark, near

Thulani and Liezl: Joined at the hip

Vereeniging. He is from eMndeni in Soweto.

Thulani invited Liezl to a friend’s party in Soweto. She was sceptical because was reading a lot about Soweto’s history of violence. But she took her chances. “I was overwhelmed by the friendly reception I got from the people.” Her intention was to leave in the afternoon, but she ended up sleeping over. She visited regularly and even brought her dog, Clod, along.

There’s something about Thulani that mesmerizes Liezl. “He has this charming smile that reflects his honesty, sensitivity and a mystery. He is more than what I expected from a man,” she confesses.

The township modesty also fascinates her.  “It is amazing how people can make the best out of a R10. 00.” What also captivates Liezl is seeing a family of about 9 people sharing a small house or a shack and still manage to live happily.

Too much attention she gets from local people irritates her sometimes. “At malls people turn heads when I walk with Thulani. Some think that I have a lot of money because I am White. But money cannot buy love,” she says.

“I will never leave Soweto. I am only White outside, inside I am Black.”

Liezl says she is ready to start a family with her boyfriend. He has two children and Liezl doesn’t have any at the moment. But that doesn’t irk her. “Our children are going to be beautiful with curly hairs,” she fantasizes.

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