Loyal servant or maverick?

Loyal servant or maverick?

Ambitious: Itumeleng Mothibi sacrifices his off days to brand his bosses' business for free

While his bosses and colleagues are at home, minding their own businesses on Sundays, Itumeleng Mothibi is voluntarily at work, helping to brand VW Soweto. Sundays are virtually off days and Itumeleng is neither getting paid nor claiming the day off for being there.

He invites businesses (any legal business) to come showcase their trade at the Volkswagen Soweto – along the Klipspruit Valley Road, in Orlando West, for free. There’s absolutely no stall fees paid. “We sell cars, not stalls,” he says assuring.  “The idea is to centralize local businesses. We need people to buy our cars, and in return we support their businesses.”

Why would he go all out to brand a franchise that he doesn’t not even own? He is just a sales executive. “That’s where I got my first ever salary slip four years ago,” he answers. “I also need to sustain and give the dealership exposure, so that I maintain my job.” It might be a Sunday, but tumeleng is wearing his work uniform with his name tag.

“People have different visions. It is not everybody who will be able to sustain himself as an entrepreneur. I am just making the best of the situation a find myself in.” He reveals that he just struck a purchase deal right there – on a Sunday.