“Our music video is different”

3 years ago

A music video for the track, Ushukela, is out and Team Solplaatjie duo, Msesho Kau and TJ Mr Vans couldn’t be more happy. According to them, ushukela (sugar) means money and that it is worth being sweat for. They feature

Soweto Gospel Choir is in demand

4 years ago

Did you know that Soweto Gospel Choir is so big and in demand that it had to split itself into three groups to cater to the needs of its fans worldwide? The late David Mulovhedzi founded the choir in 2002,

Setswana matters in Tsoness’ music

5 years ago

Tsoness is a rebel with a cause. She intently uses her mother tongue, Setswana, to drive her passion for music. She’s adamant that not even a recording deal would defect her aim to use her language as a medium. “That

Triology: in the name of dance

5 years ago

What makes this group even different is that they make their own music. “Our style of dance influences our music. We don’t do those 4 or 16 bars. We tell the producer what we want and how we want it,”

Soweto meets Pretoria in a song

5 years ago

Aspiring Kwaito artist, Mabhoza (Bongani Tsime) continues to win hearts of fellow musicians with his raspy voice. First it was Sbu Ama-lawyer, and now it’s a Gqom duo from Hammanskraal – Jusca and Plee. “Mabhoza’s contribution boosted the song to

Brenda Las Number got soul

6 years ago

At 38, Brenda Yumba is gradually carving her career as a club/pub DJ. Well, house music is not her thing; she serves her crowd with serenading 90’s R&B and hip-hop tunes. If you’re baffled by her ‘late’ arrival in the

Son of a beat…

6 years ago

Soweto’s hidden talent continues to blaze from obscurity. Twenty3 aka DJ Dunga has just released a music video to his song, Blazzing.

Farewell Bro Hugh

6 years ago