Raising alarm on depression

Raising alarm on depression

Depression Kills: Ignoring people with depression is equally fatal

By Brenda Yumba

It was the death of legendary hip-hop artist Jabulani HHP Tsambo that compelled Neo Ramafoko (41) to finally take a stand against depression.  HHP declared publicly that he suffered from depression and he attempted suicide a few times. It was his mysterious death that sent a shock wave through the entire nation.

“It’s not enough that we kept retweeting and quoting HHP’s song lyrics and telling him we loved him, when we ignored him when he repeatedly cried out for help,” declares Neo.

Laugh depression off: Neo Ramafoko wages a war on depression

She established an organization, Safe Space Inc., with the hope to destigmatize, educate and encourage people to get the necessary treatment, especially in black communities.

“Unfortunately as black people, many don’t believe in counselling and in our defence, it is because we are not exposed to it,” laments Neo.

Neo has seen the ups and downs of life and is as clued up about mental illness as she’s had bouts of it over the years – losing her parents, jobs and just the traumatic occurrences in life, but still laughs and has a hilarious sense of humour. Another trait of her is she speaks her mind. Loudly so…

She believes that the subconscious mind records everything from when you were born, throughout your life and emphasises that if things are not dealt with, they don’t miraculously disappear. Instead they get stored in the conscious mind and many a time, that is the reason people snap and do the unimaginable.

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