Rest In Style

Rest In Style

Personal: Affording families insist that tombstone reflects the personality of the deceased

Indeed things have changed. Ordinary bed-like tombstones are laid to rest. Tebogo Ndou from Hardrock Innovation in Midway, Soweto testifies: “Some bereaved families go for swanky tombstones.” Prices can be anything from R6000.00 to R100 000.

In Design: Workers carving monumental granite for tombstones

“It’s not even about the money,” declares Joel Diatshoana. He has just ordered a tombstone for the late family member. “This is a monument. It must reflect how much you loved the deceased. I want to feel proud when I look at it.”

Joel had a disturbing experience. “I once visited my brother’s grave. Unfortunately I could not locate it because it did not have a tombstone. I was shattered.” He firmly believes that tombstones are significant and have to be special.

One of the people behind these eccentric designs at Hardrock Innovation is Given Ramoba. “If I can see the design, I can carve it; with inputs from affected families,” he says boldly.

Tebogo says between March and September their office will be inundated with orders. “Around that period there are no rains and the ground is dry. We can’t erect a tombstone on muddy soil.”

Where to from here? Are we soon going to see modified coffins that reflect personalities of the deceased? Time will tell.