Sleep Walkers Among Us

Sleep Walkers Among Us

Model: Wisani Sithole

Eew! Our bodies secrete disgusting stuff when we are asleep. Don’t get it wrong, it is normal. It is the way the body detoxes and rejuvenates itself, including the mind.

When we are tight asleep, all muscles in our bodies are relaxed, hence we sometimes pass the gas; drool from the mouth; sweat and scratch (sometimes where the sun doesn’t shine). The eyes too, clean themselves by producing that gunk on the lashes and eye corners.

Now imagine coming across someone wearing pyjamas and gowns at a mall or on the street. What comes to your mind?

DINEO TSIANE: Pyjamas are good for the house. They are sleep wear, not casual wear.

THABO PITSO: People who wear gowns and pyjamas in public don’t know their purpose. Maybe the designers should run educational campaigns.

PALESA TSIANE: If they are comfortable wearing them it is fine. Who are we to judge?

NTOMBIKAYISE DLAMINI: It’s not ayoba. PJs are for the bedroom only, not even outside the bedroom.

PRINCE MOGAKI: It is a bad reflection; it is like the person did not take a bath before leaving the house.

Eunice Chauke: You should obviously wear casual clothes after taking a bath in the morning…


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