Slice Through The Head

Slice Through The Head

Drawing lines: heads that drive the trend

Are people still queuing at hair salons for blowouts, pushback or ponytails? Well, different strokes for different folks, I guess. But, lines on the head are trending. Girls are no longer scared of losing a sizeable lock of hair just to spot that strip on the head. Somebody picked on them saying, those are roads to promiscuity. Do you think they care?

Cutting edge: Bafana applies his art on client’s head

Tshepo Morake and Bafana Tsimane of Head On Hair Studio in Mapetla are inundated with requests from their clients to have that zing. The aspirants are men and women of different ages. You just hand over your head and the stylists do the magic. “They show me pictures of what they like, and I do the work, sometimes with a bit of a twist. At times I apply my creativity,” says Bafana. With a nine-year experience in hair dressing, one can trust him.

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