Soweto Adrenalin Junkies

Soweto Adrenalin Junkies

Junkie: Nkuli Khanyile and his 1995 BMW 5 Series...

Forget magintsa (carjackers), car spinning can be done by anyone who dares to. The spinners regard this adrenalin pumping activity as a form of entertainment. It would be stereotypical to brand them as thugs who flaunt their illegally accrued loot.

“Members of my team, the #5 Series Crew, have jobs,” objects Nkuli Khanyisa. He has been spinning cars since 2004. Nkuli says they leverage a lot. He alludes that their sport is not as expensive as many think. “I studied motor mechanics. Most of the repairs and overhaulings I do myself. Besides as a team, we help each other.”

They buy parts from scrapyards and pre-used quality tyres. Nkuli says: “There are lots of old cars that are parked in yards in the township. We buy them. We don’t need new tyres. Obviously they are going to burst as we spin. Sometimes I get them for free from my contacts.”

Nkuli has a 1995 BMW, 5 Series and a 1982 3 Series that he uses to spin. Also, he has a bakkie that carries spare tyres for emergencies when they pull their stunts. This is what is turning their fans on: roaring engines, thick cloud of smoke pervading the air, screeching tyres that spit sparks as the cars make abrupt turns, drift and spin on the narrow township streets.

They have members in different provinces and plan to spread even further and formalize the sport instead of spinning on public roads. “Now we apply to use the roads and have the police and emergency services to attend our events.”

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