Soweto Fashion Week

If a fashion designer can travel for about 1 400km just to showcase few of her craft, one can only conclude that the Soweto Fashion Week is a big deal. Sinawe Khanyo Maseko came all the way from Cape Town to exhibit her collections at the Soweto Theatre. Several other designers also had the audience cheering and applauding their creativity. The event was hosted on 02 December 2022.

From Cape to Soweto: Khanyo believes that Soweto Fashion Week is big

Khanyo wasa startled by the warmth that the audience received her design. She swears that she will come back to share the creativity of her brand, Keeping It Beautiful, with fashion lovers in Soweto.

Relieved: Funeka reintroduces herself after the Covid-19 disaster

According to Funeka of DejaVu, the event was the opportunity to re-introduce herself as a designer after Covid-19 stalled many productions. “I feel like Covid-19 was a war; what was the best way to get married to life and say, ‘Let’s try it again.’” The marriage metaphor was expressed in the exhibition of her wedding gowns couture. It was breath taking.