Soweto Ke Country Struuu!

By Phuti Molokomme
Some athletes are thankful that they’re the first batch ever to participate at the Soweto Olympics. The event was held at the Fiat Sports Ground on 15 October 2022, in Meadowlands Zone 9. There were 26 sport events that had cheering fans and aspirants entertained. It is likely that the event would be held annually.
The games were hosted by the Soweto Parliament. The spokesperson, Nhlanhla Lux said they are planning to broaden their scope beyond Soweto. “The bigger plan is to get Alexandra and Tembisa activated.” Lux participated in the 100m hurdles race, long jump and high jump.

Determined: Mamello Mofokeng flexes her physical and mental strength

Female weightlifter Mamello Mofokeng from the Black Poison Club in White City said she was thankful for the platform and enjoyed herself. Her teammate Ayanda Dlamini (20) enjoyed the grapple she had with a stubborn barbell that wouldn’t move off the ground. “I enjoyed a lot, the part that got me laughing was my last effort of lifting the 50kg weights. I was shaking like I was doing ballet, but I managed to lift it.”
Tumelo Leshoro participated in weightlifting and shot put. The event left her awestruck. “It was really amazing to see how the youth of Soweto came out to make this a great day and such a success.”
The finals will be held on the 28th and 29th of October 2022.