Soweto Represented At Miss Gay RSA 2017

Soweto Represented At Miss Gay RSA 2017

Red for love: Nhlanhla 'Fiona" Thabatha looking forward to representing Soweto at the Miss Gay RSA 2017

Nhlanhla “Fiona” Thabatha (31) will rightfully represent Soweto at the Miss Gay RSA 2017, in December. He outclassed some of the hopefuls, to book himself a space in the finals. Only six contestants will be battling it out for the title. The event will be hosted in Carnival City.

It would be the first time this event hosted. The six represents each colour of the LGBT pride flag, in honour of its founder, Gilbert Baker. He

Ain’t no mountain high enough

designed the flag and it was debuted in 1978 at the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade. He died in New York in April, at the age of 65.

“l’ll be representing the colour, red. It represents danger, love and you can’t ignore it. It says, recognize me,” says Nhlanhla.

He was crowned Miss Gay Soweto in 2013 at the Soweto Theatre. He has been holding on to the title to date. The pageant has not been hosted again. “The problem could be sponsorship. Some potential sponsors don’t want to be associated with gays,” he opines.

He was bestowed with a tiara and a few presents for her inauguration. “People should embrace the good idea, not the sexuality,” he advises. He might not have won a house or a car, but he is content that he vividly represented his identity and imparted education about being gay.

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