Soweto’s oldest soccer boss resigns

Soweto’s oldest soccer boss resigns

Passing baton: Lazarus "The Boss" Tlhahale handing over the reign to grandson, Goodhope Ledwaba

By Brenda Yumba

Legendary Lucas “Rhoo” Radebe, John “Shoes” Moshoeu, Benedict “Tso” Vilakazi are just a few of many names that Ntate Leshole Lazarus “The Boss” Tlhahane (83) has helped to hurl to stardom.  Teko Modise used to crash on a couch of his humble house in Diepkloof while waiting for his turn to shine.

“The Boss” has been at the helm of Diepkloof Gunners since he founded the team in 1968. After 50 years, he handed over the reign to his grandson, Goodhope Ledwaba, with the hope of taking it to greater heights.

Gunning for success: Count Diepkloof Gunners as one of breeding grounds for soccer stars in Soweto

The team has won plenty of trophies over the years including the Putco Tournament and Chappies Little League. Diepkloof Gunners is playing in the Super League under the auspices of the Soweto Football Association.

Literally, he spent most of his life discovering, nurturing and grooming young footballers, who went on to be successful locally and internationally.

Despite his cabinet being full of trophies and medals, many would argue that Ntate Tlhahane deserved more. “My only dream is to be honoured with a not so fancy gala dinner. It should be held in my community because this is a community that has been behind me for the past 50 years,” he highlights.

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