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“Our music video is different”

4 years ago

A music video for the track, Ushukela, is out and Team Solplaatjie duo, Msesho Kau and TJ Mr Vans couldn’t be more happy. According to

Soweto Gospel Choir is in demand

4 years ago

Did you know that Soweto Gospel Choir is so big and in demand that it had to split itself into three groups to cater to

Setswana matters in Tsoness’ music

5 years ago

Tsoness is a rebel with a cause. She intently uses her mother tongue, Setswana, to drive her passion for music. She’s adamant that not even

Linking Up At e’Socialink

7 years ago 0

If indeed numbers don’t lie, then e’Socialink is one of favourite joints around. Many a times this pub, car-wash and shisa-nyama hangout is filled beyond the