Triology: in the name of dance

“We don’t jive, we dance. People who jive do it in a circle at a pub or party. There is no vision. We are focused on the technical side of dance. Our style is formatted, conceptualized and has a storyline,” brags Twinky, the leader of the dance group, Triology. Other members of the group are Jay and Smith.

Triology: in the name of dance

Having fun: Jay, Smith and Twinky of Triology

What makes this group even different is that they make their own music. “Our style of dance influences our music. We don’t do those 4 or 16 bars. We tell the producer what we want and how we want it,” explains Twinky.

Dance is their livelihood. “It pays my rent, buys me clothes and I can take care of my family,” discloses Smith. To Jay dance is about fulfilment and a source of happiness.

Their clients are mainly corporate industries. Twinky causions, “We won’t perform at weddings, unless otherwise. Our brand doesn’t allow that.”

They say it’s simple to work together because their different styles of ‘new school s’bojwa’(bourgeoisie) fuse well, thus the name Triology. “It’s a story of three that forms one narrative,” snaps Twinky.

They were preparing to battle it out at the World Of Dance South Africa competition at Gold Reef City, when Soweto Journal visited them. They claim to be the only group representing Gauteng Province at the competition. If they win, they will represent South Africa in Los Angeles.

The World Of Dance is an international urban dance competition with the focus on choreographed street dancing.