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Reconciliation Day for who?

1 year ago

“It is a distorted date and a public holiday that seeks to misrepresent our history and heritage of African people and misinform our children; the

Message in Reggae fights abuse

1 year ago

It was unusual to see so many people with dreadlocks playing soccer and netball together at the playgrounds in Orlando West. Again, it made sense

Soweto Fashion Week

1 year ago

If a fashion designer can travel for about 1 400km just to showcase few of her craft, one can only conclude that the Soweto Fashion Week

It’s worms, but you can eat them

1 year ago

To you masonja is a delicacy, but to some it’s still a yuck???

Soweto Ke Country Struuu!

1 year ago

By Phuti Molokomme Some athletes are thankful that they’re the first batch ever to participate at the Soweto Olympics. The event was held at the

Annual Soweto Pride still relevant 18 years later

2 years ago

By Maria Molokomme It is sad that after so many years of democracy in South Africa there are still marches to highlight plight of queer

Nyaope drug wreaks havoc

3 years ago

Some nyaope addicts regret the day they experimented with that fatal drug. They want to quit but it is hard, thus crying out for help…

Full-figured and phly

3 years ago

The full-figured girls of Soweto are reclaiming their right to be here. Members of Xivumvha Sparkles remind and give each other that much-needed pep talk:

“Our music video is different”

4 years ago

A music video for the track, Ushukela, is out and Team Solplaatjie duo, Msesho Kau and TJ Mr Vans couldn’t be more happy. According to

No schooling for now

4 years ago

The government has stopped public school learners from going to school amid soaring number of Covid-19 infections across the country. This comes after the department

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