Brenda Las Number got soul

Brenda Las Number got soul

In the mix: Brenda Las Number prefers R&B and hip-hop

At 38, Brenda Yumba is gradually carving her career as a club/pub DJ. Well, house music is not her thing; she serves her crowd with serenading 90’s R&B and hip-hop tunes. If you’re baffled by her ‘late’ arrival in the local music scene, she has a message for you: “It’s never too late to follow your dream.”

Brenda studied journalism at Tshwane University of Technology. She served in newsrooms at Mogale FM and Westside FM in Kagiso Township, in the West Rand, as a head of news, producer and presenter. Listeners’ requests for soul music helped her realized the broadening gap in the local entertainment scene.

In the cut-throat business dominated by male DJs, and house music is prominent, Brenda sees opportunities. “There’s demand for the music I play, hence I get gigs and the money is decent. It’s male DJs who help me find gigs and introduce me to clubs and pubs owners. Sometimes I get two gigs in a day,” she dismisses the stereotype. Her DJying work only started early this year, and applauds her boyfriend for the unwavering support and encouragement. “He takes me wherever I play and attended all my performances.”

She moved to Soweto from her hometown of Kagiso. “Soweto is more vibrant and there are better opportunities,” she confesses. Don’t get her wrong: “I still love Kagiso. Ke kasi ya makasi (it’s a township among townships.)”

To her fans she’s known as Brenda Las Number (the real deal, the ultimate one). She’s looking forward to experimenting with other genres as well, and producing music. That’s what DJs do a lot nowadays.

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