Bright Winter

Bright Winter

Cold and bright: Cosmos flowers beautify dull winter landscapes

As summer passes on the baton to winter, our landscape becomes sad, dull and gloomy. That lively green, colourful vegetation is withered and the land looks barren. The hope is sustained by a few defiant evergreen plants. Despite the displeasure of losing part of the greenery, this phenomenon is virtually inevitable.

Cosmo bright: Some sides of Soweto roads are decorated in white and pink this winter

Towards the end of every March a new species of bright colored flowers called Cosmos, are splattered, especially, along main roads. They flaunt white and pink petals which are basked towards the sun direction. Their brightness attracts parasitic Astylus beetles (yellow and black) and African Monarch Butterflies. Bees seem to show a little interest in these species of flowers. They usually ‘nibble’ for a few seconds on the anthers before they fly away.

Cosmos are selective about where they grow. They are conspicuous along the R558 and Randfontein Road. They just jazz up nature and are like candies to the eye.


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