Cashing on trends

Cashing on trends

Relevant: Lungi Sibeko uses what's trending to sell her merchandise

If being business minded includes exploiting what’s trending to make cash, then Lungile Sibeko is wise. She sells T-shirts embellished with popular social media phrases like, “Same WhatsApp Group” and “Mama Kopa Signal”.

Lungi is a property valuator by day and an inspiring designer by passion. Each free moment she grabs from her 9 to 5 job, she brands herself as an entrepreneur.

”I saw Bonang Matheba’s Mo’Ghel T-shirt collection and thought, ‘I want this,’” says Lungi gleefully. Subsequently, she started to toy around with the idea. She was not disappointed. “Most of my customers were my mother’s colleague at a hospital in Vereeniging. Their orders gave me the motivation.”

In fact, she started by buying buttons and cut wood to design earrings. “My mother’s friends loved and bought them from me,” she reminisces.

Lungi doesn’t have a four-corner store anywhere. She relies on social media to advertise and sell her merchandise. The merchandise can also be found on the Instagram account, Annalut-Boutique.