Eminent Fam Impact

Eminent Fam Impact

Eminent Fam: Bonnie B, BK Steezus, N.M.E. Dice,Tabalaza S.

Eminent Fam is a cocktail music group from Chiawelo. A cocktail, because the taste in their music does not have a particular flavour. It is inclusive of different genres; there’s hip-hop, R&B, House, Maskandi, and anything that they think would deliciously spice up their music. But the quintet is adamant that they are a hip-hop group.

“We are open-minded and not afraid of change. We are a versatile hip-hop group,” BK Steezus testifies. It is this uniqueness that tells them apart from other hip-hop groups. It is not only their versatile sound, the name Eminent Fam, too, serves as a constant motivation. BK Steezus explains: “If you want to be great, the name has to sound great.”

These childhood buddies started as dancers, before they encroached into music. “We have brought in that element of dancing in our acts. We are entertainers,” says the fired-up BK Steezus. “I sing and rap with a twist of Venda,” says Bonnie B. Beat Maker (as the name suggests) cooks the beats.

Could this be the reason L-Tido featured them on the song, Moto? It is for you to find out. The five-member sound is available on Slikouronlife. They are available on Facebook as Eminent FamSA. On Twitter and Instagram: @eminent_FamSA.