Karate taught Noma discipline

Karate taught Noma discipline

Pillars: Noma flanked by her mother and grandmother.

Nomalungelo Nkosi of Protea Glen has broken her leg, arm, got hit hard in the chest and suffered blue eyes, but she’s still resilient about playing karate. She doesn’t like the sport, she loves it.

She is a member of the Westrand Spartans dojo, which is based in Westonaria. Their style is Shotokan and is affiliated with the Gauteng Karate Federation.

At just 15 years of age, she is a 1st dan black belt karateka, and aspires to continue earning more grades. Probably she would; she joined karate at the tender age of 11 and she’s still hanging in there – enduring pains that come with exchanging of fierce kicks and punches with her counterparts.

Her favourite: Noma holding to one of the trophies she sweat blood to lift as hers.

She’s thankful to pillars of her strength – her mother and grandmother. “Sometimes when things don’t go well and I feel like giving up, they encourage me to keep on going,” she says.

As a little girl, Nomalungelo, or Noma as she is affectionately known, liked fighting. That energy was positively channeled when she joined karate. “Karate taught me respect, self-control and to defend myself and others.”

A bully girl was left nursing bruises after she tried to take a swipe at Noma. She was new at the school and the bully who was in Grade 12 was trying to initiate or ‘welcome’ her. She might have been fooled by Noma’s looks: beautiful and friendly face, fair skin tone, and her medium and less intimidating model-like body.

Rewards: Some of many of Noma’s trophies she won at tournaments.

She’s not proud about the encounter though: “But karate allows one to defend herself when she’s pinned against a corner.”

At home, Noma is an ordinary child who doesn’t pose a threat to anyone. “I can’t raise a child and be scared of her,” says her mother, Thulisiwe Mabaso, laughing heartily. She continues, “I do reprimand her when she did wrong.” Noma’s grandmother, Joyce Mabaso, echoes: “She’s polite and obedient. It’s not only karate that taught her discipline, but it is also how she was raised at home.”