Protesters haunts motorists

A recent protest by disgruntled Doornkop residents shows how innocent motorists are abused everytime there are service delivery protests across Soweto. Enraged residents barricaded the streets with trash including rocks and burning tyres. Those who force their way through risked having their vehicles stoned.

Mind you, most of these motorists are members of these communities or just passers-by. Mishaps happening in these communities affect them too. What irks the most is that these motorists have nothing at all to do with service deliveries.

Up in smoke: Young protesting man in a cap smoking marijuana

These protesters usually take to the streets in the morning when people go to work, and in the evening when they return home. “Protests are only language the municipalities understand. When we don’t do this, our demands are not met,” claimed an elderly protesting woman.

A young man added: “We know this is wrong, but the situation is forcing us to do it.”

Traffic would be deferred to other roads causing bumper to bumper, which results into more delays and frustration to motorists.

It’s easy to think that the legitimate concerns of residents are hijacked by elements under the influence of intoxicating substances. At the Doornkop protest a young man among the protesters was publicly rolling up a marijuana zol, lit it and took a puff and passes it on to his comrades.

After the strike it is the community infrastructure that suffered the most: traffic and road signs are damaged and the rocks are strewn all over the roads. Why cut off the nose to spite your face?