Ready for the unemployed relief grant

Ready for the unemployed relief grant

Hungry for information: These young men wish that the R350.00 social relief of distress does not skip them

Some of the unemployed youngsters might lose out on the first payment of R350.00 of the social relief distress, amidst the Coronavirus lockdown scourge. They are still in the dark as to where and how to apply for the grant. Unfortunately, there are no back pays should anyone skip the month.

In the wilderness: Nkosinathi Mazibuko feels deprived of information hence most of his lads don’t even use face masks to limit chances of contracting Coronavirus

“We don’t have cellphones and information comes to us in dribs and drabs,” laments Nkosinathi Mazibuko. He and friends make ends meet by touting passengers and washing taxis near Greenvillage clinic along Azalia Road.
They are desperately in need of that money. “It will help us with taxi fares to the city to look for jobs. The money we make washing taxis is not enough; we are many and the taxis are few,” grumbles Kulani Baloyi.

Need to survive: Kuboni Baloyi says the grant will help him buy food and other essentials

Indeed some do take addictive substances. “Irrespective of that, we need to eat and look out for our families,” justifies Nkosinathi. One of the lads interjects: “I can’t always depend on my grandmother’s pension even for a taxi fare to go to the city to look for a job.”
Ward 53 councilor, Theo Dlamini, says they are waiting for a go-ahead from the Social Development ministry. “As soon as the ministry has advised on how to register the people, we will help,” assures Councilor Dlamini.

The hussle: Young men wash taxis to make ends meet

Unemployed people without a source of income will receive R350.00 monthly from May until October. This is in accordance with the Social Assistant Act of 2004. Qualifying individuals should be South African citizens, permanent residents, or refugees registered on the home affairs system and residing in South Africa, above 18 years old, have banking details.