Soweto’s Famous Street

Vilakazi Street in Orlando West could be the famous street in Soweto. It is the only street in world to have two recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. These recipients, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, have houses on this street.

It is one of the major tourist magnets in Soweto. International visitors, locals and Soweto residents frequently come here for different reasons. Some come to visit Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Tutu’s houses which are now museums. Others come to party, eat, drink, window shop and buy variety of colourful merchandises from vendors who line up the street. Most of these merchandizes are artefacts and traditional clothing.

Vilakazi Street harbours a number of trendy restaurants and pubs. Revellers are welcome to indulge in Western and African cuisine – depending on one’s preference. Different types of music pump from the speakers pervade the atmosphere, adding to the vibrant mood.

During the week the street is quiet, but it is never without tourists – Black and White. If you need to party till you drop, weekends are the ideal time. Tens of revellers gather here to unwind. Shop closes at 2am.

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