Who Is Yoga?

Who Is Yoga?

Ongggg: Wisani Chabalala teaching yoga

Some Sowetans receive Yoga with scepticism. The stretching, humming and chanting of mantras raise a concern of being affiliated to some strange practices. “Some would ask if I am not affiliating them to a certain cult,” reveals Wisani Chabalala.

He reckons yoga is a deviation from problems caused by broken families, anger and turbulent conditions in the community. “Yoga releases that stress on the mat. There are other ways of dealing with problems without violence,” says Wisani.

Yoga kid: Palesa Dlamini soothes souls of children

His colleague is Palesa Dlamini. She soothes children with yoga ideal for their growing bodies and minds. “Some of these children are abused. Here they do exercises, play games, connect with each other and find their identity.”

Despite that element of suspicion, Wisani and Palesa were satisfied with their session attendance at Lebo’s Backpackers in Orlando West. They host Saturday classes at Snake Park from 15:00 to 16:30 at the Community Hall, Block 4.