Woman of substance

Woman of substance

Woman at work: Morokane Makhene's sewing hobby generates her income

Mme Morokane Makhene (59) does not believe that a man should work for. “People with money are commanders and you become a slave. I don’t take instructions from a man,” she says assertively.

She cautions that women who say they don’t have start-up money are just lazy thinkers. “If you can buy yourself a cold drink you have the start-up money. The other day my son-in-law gave me a R200; I went to the shops and bought these earrings that I am selling.”

Mme Morokane is a divorcee and managed to fend and took her children to private schools. She owns a tuck-shop and sells clothes that she designs.

Her mother did not buy her clothes as a young girl; she sewed them for her. That’s how she learned the craft and took it as a hobby. When she sewed her plus-size colleague uniform at the bank where they worked, everyone was wowed. At that moment she knew that she was ready to make money out of her hobby.  “Dressmaking is a family trait,” she claimed. “I am the fourth generation.”

Her company name is called Undeniably Sexy Indepth  Indiginity  Ka Ubuntu. The acronym is USIIKU. She dresses anyone including celebrities. She says, “I made gowns that David Genaro was wearing on a television soapie, Rhythm City.”

Mme Morokane runs her businesses from home. She started the tuck-shop business while she was still working at the bank, as something to fall back on. Sewing and designing clothes augment what she earns from selling groceries.