Women: Parking Guards Sweethearts

Male motorists are bad tippers as compared to female motorists. This is revealed in a survey Soweto Journal conducted at three big malls in Soweto. The car guards say motorists who drive big and expensive cars are stingy.

“Maybe their money goes to instalments and insurance,” the guard suggests. Another one adds, “People who drive old and average cars tip handsomely. Those who drive this,” pointing at a monstrous Range Rover Evoque SUV in front of him, “forget it, they don’t tip.” They say couples tip even better.

Despite the guards’ opinions about who tip better, the motorists unanimously agree that they need the car guards. They beef up security and discourage criminality at the malls. “Somebody bumped into my car, and they took the registration number. I managed to track down the culprit,” testifies one motorist.

Unfortunately, the guards don’t earn any salary. Instead, they pay a company to work at the malls. “The tips that you give me, is my salary,” the guards says. One motorist sympathises, “Shame, they can’t work for free.”

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